Distance Learning at the Faculty of Pharmacy

Students, PharmD (2020-03-17)

Students at the Faculty of Pharmacy have started and engaged in distance learning from the first day of the implementation of the decision to suspend studies at the university’s headquarters. The theoretical, practical and clinical scientific material has been recorded and uploaded to the Moodle electronic curriculum system. Third and fourth year Pharmacy students have performed their weekly exam at a rate exceeding 87.5% of the total targeted number, knowing that there is still a couple of hours for the rest of the students to complete the exam. The exams come within the twelfth educational block entitled “Gastrointestinal Disorders” and the eighteenth block entitled “Life Stages”. Moreover, the Faculty administration is grateful for its team for working long hours since yesterday to prevent the suspension or delay of studies under any circumstances, and we wish our dear students the best of luck.


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