Faculty of Pharmacy Continues the Implementation of Distance learning for Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Sessions

Students, PharmD (2020-03-25)

On the 19th of March 2020, second, third and fourth year students at the Faculty of Pharmacy organized the debriefing sessions for the seventh week of the seventh educational block entitled “Drug Discovery” for second year students, and the second week of the twelfth educational block entitled “Gastrointestinal Disorders” for third year students, and the fourth week of the eighteenth educational block entitled “Life Stages” for fourth year students. The sessions included a total of 95 students divided into eight teams and the student attendance rate for the sessions exceeded 88.4%. The sessions were conducted using the Zoom program where each team of 12 students and their tutor had a separate session from the rest of the teams. Students were able, over a period of two hours, to discuss the educational objectives of the weekly problem devoted to each academic year in the presence of their tutor. During the session, each student provided explanations of the objectives using different teaching aids prepared by the student before the session through the Zoom interface. The students will submit their weekly reports on the Moodle educational curriculum system by tomorrow evening to be corrected by faculty members who will provide the students with feedback using Moodle as well. Hence, the Faculty of Pharmacy continues to implement the full PBL sessions including the brainstorming sessions, discussion forums and debriefing sessions. This is done remotely and successfully thanks to the student’s cooperation and the efforts done by the entire team of the Faculty of Pharmacy. It is noteworthy that all grades pertaining the sessions, reports, assignments and weekly exams are uploaded to students on an up-to-date mater on the Moodle during the same week of the educational problem.


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