Faculty of Pharmacy Continues Distance Learning Process.

Students, PharmD (2020-03-25)

As part of the plan of the Faculty of Pharmacy to ensure the continuity of the distance learning process, on the 17th of March, the Faculty completed the recording of all practical lessons within the practical microbiology curriculum as well as lessons within the biochemistry curriculum for the academic year 2019/2020. It is worth noting that, for the fourth consecutive day, the academic process at the Faculty of Pharmacy continues to follow the methods of distance learning for students in all academic years. The process has been successful and obtained great response from the students in all academic years and tremendous support from the entire faculty team. All interactive learning sessions continue to be implemented including Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and Team-Based Learning (TBL) sessions. This is in addition to implementing interactive lectures, discussion sessions, seminars, practical lessons, etc. according to the study schedules announced last week. Students continue to submit their weekly presentations and reports as well as perform their weekly exams through the Moodle electronic curriculum system according to the specific previously designated times. As part of the Faculty plan to ensure the continuity of distance learning, the Faculty seeks to complete the recording of all practical lessons for the curricula of the foundational stage of the program for the current academic year.


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