The Faculty of Pharmacy Council met on Monday 23rd of March 2020 in its twenty-ninth regular meeting for the academic year 2019/2020. Some members of the Council were present from the university’s headquarters, while others participated through the Zoom program to discuss the following items: 1. Reports received from the parties concerned with the implementation of the distance learning process at the Faculty. 2. Follow up on the arrangements for the Faculty’s annual scientific day. 3. Approve the results of the continuous evaluation of the eleventh educational block for third year Pharmacy students. 4. Review the reports of the Faculty’s Quality Assurance Office regarding the evaluation of the second, eleventh and seventeenth educational blocks. 5. Review and discuss the minutes of the fifth meeting of the Scientific Committee of the University's Clinical Skills Center. 6. Review and discuss the minutes of the meeting of the University's Planning and Program Committee. In view of the circumstances the world is currently going through, including the state of Libya, it was decided that the next meeting of the Faculty of Pharmacy Council will be held remotely using the Zoom program on Monday 30th of March 2020 at nine thirty in the morning. May God save Libya and its people.

Team, PharmD (2020-03-26)

Lab technicians at the Faculty of Pharmacy made an extensive effort during the past week and were able to complete all the preparations for the completion of the recordings of all practical lessons within the remainder of the current academic year. The recordings have been completed on Thursday March 19th 2020. Accordingly, the Faculty administration would like to thank them for their distinguished stand in light of the circumstances that our beloved country is going through. The Faculty would like to draw attention to the fact that many of the recordings of the lessons and montage work has been carried out by the laboratory technicians at the Faculty, and their valuable effort and work is appreciated by the Faculty and university administration. Thanks to all teaching staff members who responded quickly to the current situation and made great efforts and showed unparalleled patience to complete the recordings of these lessons over long hours. In addition, thanks to the university's media center which contributed to recording a number of these lessons, as well as recording some lectures that require video recording. Laboratory technicians at the Faculty of Pharmacy are currently ready to work with faculty members to develop the practical lessons that are implemented using simulation programs in a form that can be implemented remotely. It is worth noting that the Faculty of Pharmacy relies heavily on the use of simulation in teaching students in both the foundational and professional stages of the PharmD program which was adopted by the Faculty starting in 2016 and is the first program of its kind in Libya.


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