Exceptional meeting for the Curriculum Development Committee at the Faculty of Pharmacy

Bukhatwa, Salma (2019-01-12)

In addition to its regular meetings, the Curriculum Development Committee at the Faculty of Pharmacy held an exceptional meeting on Saturday 12th of January at the National Unity Hall in the main headquarters of the Libyan International Medical University. The meeting was attended by a number of faculty members and educational supervisors. Moreover, Prof. Mohammed Mustafa, from King Abdul Aziz University participated in the meeting via Skype where he presented an explanation of the international accreditation standards. The standards were mainly focused on the quality and the academic aspect of the PharmD program. It is noted that the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Libyan International Medical University obtained the institutional accreditation as well as the programmatic accreditation of all its programs, including the PharmD program from the National Center for Quality Assurance and accreditation of educational and training institutions. The Faculty of Pharmacy is currently developing its program in order to reach the international standards for medical education programs in general and the international standards for PharmD programs in particular.


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