diabetes mellitus

AL BURKi, MUFTAH (2022-09-22)


The chronic metabolic disorder diabetes mellitus is a fast-growing global problem with huge social, health, and economic consequences. It is estimated that in 2010 there were globally 285 million people (approximately 6.4% of the adult population) suffering from this disease. This number is estimated to increase to 430 million in the absence of better control or cure. Diabetes was first documented by the Egyptians and is characterised by weight loss and polyuria. However, it was the Greek physician Aertaeus who coined the term diabetes mellitus (DM). In Greek, diabetes means "to pass through" and mellitus is the Latin word for honey (referring to sweetness). Diabetes is an important cause of prolonged ill health and premature mortality, and claims more lives per year than HIV-AIDS with nearly 1 death every 10 seconds .