Factors Leading To Ectopic Pregnancy

Alshikhi, Sara Almabrouk Hamad (2018-06-30)

Ectopic pregnancy is potentially a life threatening condition and remains the leading cause of maternal death. Word “Ectopic” means “out of place” and was described for the first time in the 11th The incidence is higher between 35 and 44 year Risk factors of ectopic pregnancy include age over 40 years, previous tubal surgery, previous ectopic pregnancy, PID and genital tuberculosis, long term infertility, smoking, IUCD, progestin only pills, multiparity, previous abortion Incidents in Pakistan of ectopic pregnancy occurs 97% in the fallopian tube, 80% in ampullary region of tube, 10% in isthmus & 5% in infundibulum region, rarely occur in the ovary, cervix & in the abdomen.


Ectopic pregnancy is implantation of gestational sac outside the uterus . Most common sites of ectopic pregnancy are fallopian tubes.Other sites include cervical, ovarian, abdominal and cesarean scar,Ectopic implantation occurs in 1 to 2 % of pregnancies and can occur in any sexually active women of reproductive age and is responsible for 10% of all pregnancy related deaths .Various risk factors have been identified that lead to ectopic pregnancy ,Some of these factor tubal surgery and use of intrauterine contraceptive device ,abnormalities of the tubes prevent normal transport of the fertilized egg to the uterus etc. ,Result In the study, the commonest site of ectopic pregnancy was fallopian tubes (88.8%). Ampullary part accounted for 68.7% of all tubal pregnancies. Risk of ectopic increased with parity and highest risk was seen in multigravida(47.2%) , The aim of this study is to identify various risk factors of ectopic pregnancy

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